Bahay Tuluyan - Philippines - Farm Project
Another great project of the Rotary Club of Essendon completed.
This project was designed to boost Bahay Tuluyan’s social enterprise.  The Philippines have experienced a long and difficult shut down due to the Covid Pandemic.  BT is a children’s rights organisation working to prevent and respond to abuse and violence against children.  It operates in Manila, Laguana, Quezon and Batangas in the Philippines reaching more than 1,000 children and young people each year.  It runs 2 major social enterprises.  The objectives of these social enterprises are to provide hands-on, practical training for young people in agriculture and hospitality and secondly to produce income to support the programs and services of the organisation.

Our support consisted of:

1  Water pump for a well to irrigate the farm at San Antonio (Quezon) and Childrens housing.
Well for water pump
2  A hand pushed motorised tractor to plough rice fields.
  Hand pushed motorised tractor
3   Roof & water supply for a processing centre for packing fruit, vegetables & meat.
Processing Centre
4   A bee-hive start up supporting the Rotary Club of Essendon's existing Bee Project.
5   Materials to construct chicken housing
The total cost was $7,500 from club member donations, Rotary Club of Leeton ($1,000) and Rotary Club of Essendon ($700) and we thank them for their generous support.